Last update: Oct. 2016

        has been developed by O.I.E. (Observation, Impacts, Energy). This is a common laboratory (or structure) of MINES ParisTech and ARMINES. ARMINES, a structure created in 1967, is based on the concept of research-orientated towards the industry. With more than 600 employees at ARMINES (teaching scientists, research engineers, doctoral candidates, postgraduates, technicians, administrative personnel), they support research together with their colleagues from the schools in joint research centres from ARMINES/ Schools.

TRANSVALOR S.A. has been created by ARMINES in 1984 to transfer and valorize toward industry the results of the research centers managed by ARMINES. ARMINES is a shareholder of Transvalor at 49.9%. It was mainly involved in the developement and commercialization of a tool for material forming simulation named FORGE. Since Apr. 2009, TRANSVALOR is in charge of the commercialization and exploitation of SoDa, and participates to a few other innovative research projects. This introduction of new manpower (womanpower as well :o) ) is the opportunity for our Customers to have a large panel of high-skill services.