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Last update: Sept. 2018

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From TERRA / AQUA images toward monthly average maps of albedo fiso, fvol, fgeo:

MODIS images =>    MCD43C1 et C2 product  => Monthly means (lefèvre et al. 2013) for McClear on 2004-2011 of fiso, fgeo, fvol

0.05° spatial resolution (approx. 5.6 km at the equator), 3600 by 7200 images. Produced every 8 days with 16 days of acquisition, worldwide inland only

C2= snow free version from C1

  How to compute rho_white_sky and rho_black_sky from these three monthly parameters




Article rejected about MODIS dated on Jan. 2018, which presents monthly means maps of albedo in 10 spectral bands.


Blanc et al. 2014 Blanc P., Gschwind B., Lefevre M., Wald L., 2014. "Twelve monthly maps of ground albedo parameters derived from MODIS data sets". In Proceedings of IGARSS 2014, held 13-18 July 2014, Quebec, Canada, USBKey, pp. 3270-3272. MODIS, ground reflectance, albedo

Content: Presentation of the monthly maps of MODIS parameters (fiso, fvol and fgeo) used to generate albedo for each instant in the year, derived from holy maps of collected MODIS maps (holes due to clouds).

Lefèvre et al. 2013 Lefèvre M., A. Oumbe, P. Blanc, B. Espinar, B. Gschwind, Z. Qu, L. Wald, M. Schroedter-Homscheidt, C. Hoyer-Klick, A. Arola, A. Benedetti, J. W. Kaiser, and J.-J.  Morcrette, 2013. "McClear: a new model estimating downwelling solar radiation at ground level in clear-sky conditions", Atmos. Meas. Tech., 6, 2403-2418, doi:10.5194/amt-6-2403-2013. McClear



Tournadre et al. 2018 Tournadre B., B. Gschwind, C. Thomas, L. Saboret, P. Blanc, 2018. "Characterizing the confidence in a gap-free static atlas of monthly-averaged BRDF parameters derived from MODIS MCD43C1 v5", Poster at EGU General Assembly. MODIS, ground reflectance, albedo