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Last update: July 2020


Solar radiation services from HelioClim-3 database

16 years of solar data archives

Real-time and Forecast for the current day
AI Forecast for today and tomorrow
    Historical solar time series updated in real time       Solar radiation real-time and forecast time series for the current day     Solar radiation time series for today and tomorrow using machine learning method  


Typical Meteorological Year

Volume of data

Spectral radiation: 20 years time series



Provision of one, a few, or a large number of Typical Meteorological Years (pessimistic P90 or typical P50 scenario) generated from HelioClim-3 and MERRA-2 databases. PVsyst and SAM compatibility.


  Long term solar radiation, Ultraviolet radiation and meteorological time series over a geographic zone.       Spectral radiation values in the range defined by the user, in real time, in clear sky and in all weather conditions.  


Solar and meteorological anomalies along the time


To measure the weather deviations and the impact on the performance of your solar plants.



Worldwide Meteorological services

MERRA-2 data: 40 years of historical meteorological data


GFS Forecast: weather forecast service

    Temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, snowfall, snow depth and short-wave irradiation. Data available from January 1980 up to a month ago.       Temperature, relative humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, rainfall, snowfall, snow depth and Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) Data available from 1 month ago to day+3.  




Dust and soiling analysis


  Diagnostic report of the atmosphere turbidity : anticipation of dust events and fouling forecast of photovoltaic and CSP modules              



Average and real time maps


Solar Atlases


Solar Cadastres



We can deliver maps of the following components:

  • All Solar radiation components
  • Top of atmosphere solar radiation
  • Ultraviolet radiation and UV index
  • Meterological maps over the world
  • Atmosphere composition over the world: Aerosols Optical Depth, Water vapor, Ozone (O3)


An atlas is a set of digital maps available online used to exposed one or many types of data on a specific region.

We provide different type of atlases with the spatial and temporal coverage of your choice from February 2004 onwards.

We can deliver averages data but also yearly and monthly values.



A solar cadastre delivers solar radiation data of rooftops and parkings at a specific region.

This tool can provide you information about the solar potential of buildings roofs and about the economic viability of installing a solar power system on your rooftop.




Calibration of long term HelioClim-3 time series using in-situ measurements


Check and rescue your in-situ measurements with satellite derived services



This service delivers:

  • a complete report on the quality (QC, which stands for Quality Check) of the in-situ measurements
  • the calibration results of the long term HelioClim-3 time series with the short term time series of in-situ measurements.

Quality check and calibration result report over Carpentras.



SoDa's expertise can help you in case of:

  • issues in the measurements with your instruments
  • observation of time shifts in your time series
  • you need to check if your instrument is correctly calibrated

We can complete your measures if you have gaps in your data. Our routines are capable of completing any solar radiation and meteorological time series containing holes.