Monthly Means of air temperature

Last update: Nov. 2016

Monthly averages (approx. 30 years) of ambient air temperature available worldwide resulting from interpolation of measurements made in meteorological networks.

Provider: Meteotest, Switzerland.

Monthly values are taken from the climatological database METEONORM (Remund and Kunz, 1999), which is based on WMO CLINO 1961-90 (1998). It contains 2500 stations.

Input variables:

1. Longitude and latitude in degrees and decimals of degrees. Western longitudes and northern latitudes are positive.

2. Altitude above sea level in meter. If ommitted, the mean altitude of the 5' grid is taken.


Hourly values of ambient temperature is interpolated according SODA interpolation task. The data of the meteorological stations are interpolated on-line.

The interpolation has an rmse of about 2°C for monthly values.

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WMO (1998). 1961 - 90 Climatological Normals (Clino). Version 1.0 - November 1998.CD-ROM. World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. More info